About us

Club Stats
Formed: Feb 2004
Home Ground: Parliament Hill
Capacity: 250,000 (standing); 5 (seated)

The Village Cricket Club is a small club based loosely around its roots in North East London. We were formed in 2004 by a bunch of singularly talentless but enthusiastic cricketers who decided that they wanted to continue their summer pastime beyond the end of their university days.

One bizarre meeting in Stamford Hill's Birdcage later, the Village CC was formed and enrolled in the North East London Cricket League which sustained it for its first few seasons.

Since then, much has changed, the club has grown and left the league behind, perferring to follow its instincts in the world of friendly London cricket.

We play most of our matches in central London but we also make yearly trips to Cambridge, Oxford and the West Country. We are always on the lookout for new members of any ability - enthusiasm for the game is our only selection criteria. You can contact us via the "Join" link up above, or a few of us hang out in the "chat" section when work isn't keeping us too busy.

2004AEMcC Richardson
2005AEMcC Richardson
2006AEMcC Richardson
2007Graham Pontin
2008Paul Bowman
2009Paul Bowman
2010Paul Bowman
2011Eklavya Gupte
2012Eklavya Gupte
2013Eklavya Gupte
2014Nick Troja
2015Nick Troja
2016Nick Thompson
2004Ed Thomas
2005Graham Pontin
2006Oliver Morgans
2007John Lucarotti
2008Alan White
2009Marcus Littlejohns
2010Eklavya Gupte
2011Steve Harty
2012Steve Harty
2013Nick Troja
2014Oliver Morgans
2015Nick Thompson
2016Toby de Mellow
Player of the Year
2004Graham Pontin
2005Alan White
2006Toby Proctor
2007Paul Bowman
2008Eklavya Gupte
2009Marcus Littlejohns
2010Oliver Morgans
2011Steve Harty
2012Nick Troja
2013Matt Boa
2014Nick Troja
2015Nick Troja
Leading Players
Leading Run Scorer: OL Morgans (3489)
Leading Wicket Taker: E Gupte (203)
Most Catches: OL Morgans (86)
Players' Player of The Season Captain's Player of The Season Best Batsman Best Bowler Best Fielder Most Improved
2004 Graham Pontin Ed Thomas Andy Richardson Ed Thomas ? ?
2005 Alan White ? ? ? ? ?
2006 Toby Proctor Oliver Morgans Toby Proctor
(388 runs @ 78)
Toby Proctor
(16 wkts @ 8)
? ?
2007 Paul Bowman John Lucarotti Alan White
(295 runs @ 74)
Andy Richardson
(23 wkts @ 11)
Saul Reid ?
2008 Eklavya Gupte ? Marcus Littlejohns
(204 runs @ 20.4)
Alan White
(23 wkts @ 12.8)
Graham Pontin ?
2009 Marcus Littlejohns Craig Woodhouse Marcus Littlejohns
(479 runs @ 60)
Paul Bowman
(34 wkts @ 11)
Graham Pontin Martin Koder
2010 Oliver Morgans Eklayva Gupte Oliver Morgans
(665 runs @ 44)
Paul Bowman
(33 wkts @ 14)
Chris Pitcher ?
2011 Steve Harty Matt Boa Steve Harty
(730 runs @ 91)
Eklavya Gupte
(25 wkts @ 17)
Nick Troja Craig Woodhouse
2012 Nick Troja Steve Harty Nick Troja
(696 runs @ 58)
Matt Boa
(29 wkts @ 14)
Oliver Morgans Ben Hampton
2013 Matt Boa Nick Troja Steve Harty
(582 runs @ 66)
Eklavya Gupte
(24 wkts @ 17)
Oliver Morgans Chris Pitcher
2014 Nick Troja Nick Thompson Nick Troja
(464 runs @ 65)
Eklavya Gupte
(19 wkts @ 15)
Graham Pontin James de Mellow
2015 Nick Troja Toby de Mellow Nick Troja
(582 runs @ 48.5)
Eklavya Gupte
(34 wkts @ 15)
Oliver Morgans Bilal Hussain
The Hall of Fame (Corridor of Uncertainty)
2008 - Andrew Richardson
2009 - AA Page
2010 - Alan White
2011 - Graham Pontin
2012 - Paul Bowman
2013 - John Lucarotti
2014 - Matt Boa
2014 - Oli Morgans
2014 - Louse
2014 - Parp!